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Downtown T-Shirt printing business helps support other small businesses

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A T-Shirt printing business in Downtown Albuquerque has been changing the way they do business in order to stay afloat while also helping other struggling businesses.

James Black is the owner of the T-Shirt Lab on 4th Street. He said Downtown has been much quieter.

"For us, we would have our boutique area open and we would have walk-ins and we'd do retail sales of our Burque inspired designs,” Black said  Albuquerque News Times.

Black said the stay-at-home order has caused a huge drop in sales.

“This is so scary for everybody and everybody has a day where maybe they just want to stay under the covers or, you know, be sad. But, at some point we have to get up and figure out what we're going to do and how we're going to navigate this new landscape,” he said.

Black said his business formed a new plan to keep moving forward during these trying times.

“Time for us to get creative and see how we can help the community and stay in business at the same time,” he said.

"The community ‘comuni-tee’ pandemic response promo is for small businesses and if they have a logo they can send it over to us, we'll mock it up and put it on a web store for them and then each shirt sells for 25 dollars and Press Release Distribution Service we simply send that business ten dollars to help them during this time,” Black said.

Black is charging no money down for businesses that want to sell a shirt to people wanting to show local support.

"The way I put it is we're just sharing the love, because it keeps us in business if people order shirts and if we're doing this for a good cause then it's worth it, you know,” he said.

City officials say close 1,400 small businesses have already applied for some type of financial assistance and the city is going through those applications right now.

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