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Family seeking answers from healthcare facility with COVID-19 outbreak

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A coronavirus outbreak at a local healthcare facility is leaving loved ones demanding answers but one Albuquerque woman said she is not getting them.

Mary Boyd said her 87-year-old sister recently got a hip replacement and was being cared for at Advanced Healthcare of Albuquerque. That is where Boyd said her sister tested positive for coronavirus last week. Boyd said she has been worried sick and has been calling the facility relentlessly to get more information.

She said the facility told her that they would not give her any information because she is not on the contact list. Her sister is not the only one ill there. Latest Albuquerque News The state health department said ten other residents have tested positive there, plus nine staff members. Boyd said her sister has a fever and is having a hard time breathing and was put on oxygen. She wants to know if the facility has adequate resources for her sister and if they will transport her to a hospital.

“I cry a lot because she is my older sister,” Boyd said. “She is very frail and I do not sleep at night because I do not know how bad it is.”

In a statement, the facility said it is communicating regularly with patients and those persons authorized by patients to receive healthcare updates. It said that all patients are currently stable. The state health department said facilities are required to isolate positive and suspected coronavirus cases, with cases being moved to a hospital if their symptoms become serious.

“I fear they do not have the right equipment to take care of this issue and she will pass,” Boyd said. She said she is trying to get added to her sister’s contact list.

The state said if any legally responsible family member of a patient is not getting the information they need, they should call the Health Facility Complaints Hotline at 800-752-8649. Family members who are experiencing poor or no communication with a facility can also contact the State Ombudsman Office at 866-451-2901.

AHC’s full statement can be found below.

Advanced Health Care of Albuquerque has been working and communicating closely with local hospitals, the New Mexico Department of Health, Press Release Distribution Service and the CDC to ensure that Albuquerque residents have access to the best possible health care during this challenging time. We are communicating regularly with patients and those persons authorized by our patients to receive healthcare updates. All patients are currently stable, and we are working closely with the New Mexico Department of Health to continue to monitor patient status and care.

We are proud of the commitment of our healthcare workers to assist and serve these patients and their families during this difficult national healthcare crisis. We will continue to find ways to assist the Albuquerque community in confronting the COVID pandemic.

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