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How to report traffic jams on Waze and give helpful directions to other drivers

  • You can report traffic on the Waze app through a special menu available on iPhone and Android devices.
  • When reporting traffic in Waze, you can specify whether the traffic is moderate, heavy, or at a standstill.
  • You can also include a picture and comment with your traffic report. 
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Waze is popular because of its accurate directions and ease-of-use, sure, but also because of how much detail it gives to your route.
Much of this detail — like warnings about speed traps, car accidents, and traffic jams — can only exist so accurately because users report road conditions.
If you've noticed a traffic jam, you can report traffic to Waze easily. Here's how to do it using either the iPhone or Android version of the app.

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How to report traffic on Waze

Before you do anything, remember that you shouldn't be reporting anything if you're behind the wheel. Hand your phone off to a passenger to make the report for you.
You'll also need to be outside, and have a GPS connection to do this. Waze won't let you open the reporting menu otherwise.
1. Open the Waze app on your iPhone or Android device and tap the orange circle at the bottom-right corner. If you don't see it, tap the gray circle in the bottom-left to center your camera — the orange circle should appear.
Waze Traffic 1
2. Tap the "Traffic" icon at the top left.
Waze Traffic 2
3. Determine whether the traffic is "Moderate," "Heavy," or "Standstill" and tap your selection. You can also add a photo by tapping the camera button, and a comment by tapping "Add a comment."
4. When you're ready, tap "Send."
Waze Traffic Option
Your report will be sent and factored into Waze's metrics.

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