3D printed nuclear reactor components installed at TVA Browns Ferry nuclear plant

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Nuclear reactor components 3D printed by ORNL present  installed astatine  TVA Browns Ferry atomic  plant ORNL utilized caller additive manufacturing techniques to 3D people transmission fasteners for Framatome’s boiling h2o reactor substance assembly. Four components, similar the 1 shown here, were installed astatine the TVA Browns Ferry atomic plant. Credit: Framatome

Four first-of-a-kind 3D-printed substance assembly brackets, produced astatine the Department of Energy's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility astatine Oak Ridge National Laboratory, person been installed and are present nether regular operating conditions astatine the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit 2 successful Athens, Alabama.

The components were developed successful collaboration with TVA, Framatome and the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy–funded Transformational Challenge Reactor, oregon TCR, programme based astatine ORNL.

"Deploying 3D-printed components successful a exertion is simply a large milestone," said ORNL's Ben Betzler, TCR programme director. "It shows that it is imaginable to present qualified components successful a highly regulated environment. This programme bridges basal and applied subject and exertion to present tangible solutions that amusement however precocious manufacturing tin alteration and components."

"ORNL offers everything nether 1 roof: state-of-the-art printing capabilities, world-class expertise successful machining, next-generation integer manufacturing technologies, positive broad characterization and investigating equipment," said Ryan Dehoff, ORNL conception caput for Secure and Digital Manufacturing.

The transmission fasteners' straightforward, though non-symmetric, geometry was a bully lucifer for a first-ever additive manufacturing exertion for usage successful a .

Credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The existent absorption of the TCR programme is to further mature and show industry-ready exertion informed by , artificial intelligence, integrated sensing and deployment of a integer level for informed certification of components.

ORNL's wide atomic probe and improvement activities are directed toward providing subject and exertion breakthroughs to widen the viability and operations of the nation's atomic powerfulness works fleet, portion besides accelerating the deployment of new, precocious atomic powerfulness technologies.

"Collaborating with TVA and ORNL allows america to deploy and research emerging 3D printing markets that volition payment the atomic vigor industry," said John Strumpell, manager of North America Fuel R&D astatine Framatome. "This task provides the instauration for designing and manufacturing a assortment of 3D-printed parts that volition lend to creating a cleanable vigor future."

"TVA is actively engaged successful processing caller atomic exertion for tomorrow," said Dan Stout, TVA's manager of Nuclear Technology Innovation. "Partnering with ORNL and Framatome successful this innovative attack could pave the way for usage crossed the existing atomic fleet and besides successful precocious reactors and tiny modular reactors."

Operations astatine Browns Ferry resumed April 22, 2021, aft a planned outage to regenerate a assortment of components for continued safe, reliable cognition and transportation of carbon-free electricity. The brackets volition stay successful the reactor for six years with regular inspections during that period.

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