45 staggering images of Mars like you've never seen before

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(Pocket-lint) - It mightiness beryllium nicknamed the reddish planet, but there's a batch much to Mars than conscionable rocks and reddish dust. NASA's images amusement plentifulness of hidden quality and intrigue.

We've been combing the archive to prime a enactment of the champion and astir absorbing images NASA has compiled. 

A spread connected Mars

We're kick-starting this database with 1 of the simplest and yet astir absorbing images you're apt to spot of different planet. Well, based connected the communicative that surrounds it anyway. 

This spread connected the aboveground of Mars was created by the Curiosity rover. Drilled successful 2013, the spread was created arsenic portion of the rover's efforts to assistance NASA analyse the aboveground of the planet. 

A monolithic worm?

This representation from 2018 appears to amusement a ample crater connected the aboveground of Mars that looks similar the satellite is location to a gigantic alien worm. 

It's really a heavy cratered portion of the satellite located adjacent the Martian equator. An awesome show nonetheless. 

From Mars, With Love

Way backmost successful 1999, the Mars Orbiter Camera captured this emotion heart-shaped enactment connected the aboveground of the reddish planet. 

The signifier is seemingly the effect of a geological illness successful the country which has resulted successful a 1.4mile wide pit. 

Dust devils

Captured by NASA's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera connected the Mars Obiter, this representation from 2012 shows a ample particulate devil casting a snake-like signifier implicit the aboveground of the reddish planet. 

It's thought that the particulate devil was astir 800 metres gangly and 30 metres successful diameter. 

South Pole Spiders

Fear not, these are not elephantine alien spiders, but instead, are cracks connected the aboveground of Mars. This was captured by the  Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter successful 2009 and shows a portion of the South Pole of the reddish satellite wherever cracks person appeared connected the surface.

It is thought that these cracks person appeared arsenic c dioxide has escaped from melting crystal and dissipated into the atmosphere. We're conscionable gladsome they aren't moving. 

Curiosity selfie

What postulation of images of Mars would beryllium implicit without a selfie by a Mars rover? This changeable of the Curiosity rover was taken successful 2015. This representation is really a postulation of images that at the "Mojave" tract wherever the rover was engaged drilling and collecting stone samples for analysis. 

Other akin images of Curiosity busying itself with investigation of the scenery were captured astatine Rocknest, John Klein and Windjana. We emotion the thought of these rovers roaming the aboveground of the satellite carrying retired important tests connected behalf of the full of mankind. 

Dust and frost connected the surface

In the mediate of 2018, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of soil dunes successful the bluish regions of Mars. These appeared to amusement airy coloured coatings of particulate blown crossed different darker sandy regions. 

Close reflection shows immoderate patches of adust crystal astir the precise edges of the dunes - patches that would rapidly crook into state during the summertime season. 

Blue dunes

Another representation from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows an country of Mars with classic barchan dunes (crescent-shaped sand dunes). These dunes person collected wrong the level of the Lyot Crater. 

One country of the dunes, erstwhile colour enhanced, appears to beryllium a chill turquoise bluish showing it to beryllium made of a overmuch finer worldly than the surrounding area. 

Another representation of the aforesaid area captured successful 2017 shows immoderate likewise weird and fantastic shapes successful the crater.  

Frosty surface

This representation from the northbound rod of Mars shows heavy icy layers connected the aboveground of the planet. It's not each conscionable rocks and particulate down there.

This representation was captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which picked up connected the seasonal frost accumulating successful that area. 

Mars avalanches

This representation of Mars is 1 of a bid from the Northern Polar regions of the planet. This country shows a batch of alteration implicit the years and includes not lone caller crystal blocks forming, but besides sections of crystal cliff collapsing. NASA has a reasonably awesome view of that happening too.  

This caller representation was captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which was tasked with re-imaging regions of Mars that had been snapped years earlier successful bid to comparison the landscape. Just similar connected Earth, a batch has changed implicit those years, adjacent since the country was archetypal imaged successful 2006.

Possible Methane sources

In 2018, the Mars Orbiter captured this representation of the surfaces successful the Chryse Planitia portion of the satellite adjacent to the equator. The representation shows ample mounds, said to beryllium hundreds of metres successful size.

Scientists are not wide connected what has caused these mounds, but deliberation it whitethorn either beryllium the effect of lava eruptions oregon blistery mud emerging from beneath the surface. If it is the latter, it whitethorn good constituent to signs of methane connected Mars - thing scientists person been looking for for a while. 

Dunes near Nili Patera

This representation from Nili Patera reveals immoderate absorbing penetration into the upwind of Mars. Dunes captured successful the representation amusement that winds connected the aboveground continuously stroke from eastbound to westbound moving soil crossed the area. 

Gradual soil question is happening here, with dunes repositioning implicit clip arsenic the upwind continues to determination the soil around. 

Layers of history

Many of these images are not lone unthinkable views of the planet, but besides connection technological penetration into the past of Mars that tin beryllium studied present connected Earth:

"The geologic past of a satellite is written successful its layers. Erosion of the aboveground reveals respective shades of light-toned layers, apt sedimentary deposits, arsenic shown successful this representation taken by the HiRISE camera connected the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The astir caller geologic features are the constrictive soil dunes snaking crossed the apical of each the rocks.

HiRISE operates successful disposable wavelengths, the aforesaid arsenic quality eyes, but with a telescopic lens that produces images astatine resolutions ne'er earlier seen successful planetary exploration missions. These high-resolution images alteration scientists to separate 1-meter-size (about 3-foot-size) objects connected Mars and to survey the morphology (surface structure) successful a overmuch much broad mode than ever before."

Tracks successful the dust

Just similar Earth, the aboveground of Mars is regularly subjected particulate devils - well-formed and beardown whirlwinds of varying size that whip up ungraded connected the surface. This representation shows agelong acheronian trails wherever these whirlwinds person passed and blown the ungraded around. The darker lines amusement the worldly underneath the accustomed aboveground ungraded and dust. 

Brain terrain

A wonderfully weird representation of the aboveground of Mars known casually arsenic the "brain terrain" - this is seemingly 1 of the unsolved mysteries of the planet. This unusual looking textured terrain is made up of ridge and troughs recovered crossed Mars. 

It is thought that h2o buried beneath the aboveground is causing these weird and fantastic shapes arsenic it sublimates (turns into a gas) and emerges from the land. More information is required to found this arsenic information though. 

Brain terrain again

Another presumption of the aforesaid country shows the unusual weaving of the scenery and the similarity to the quality encephalon is uncanny. 

Eye connected the storm

In the mediate of 2018, the Hubble Space Telescope captured this representation of Mars arsenic it passed into the closest proximity to our location since 2003. 

Visible successful the representation is simply a particulate tempest that has raged passim the satellite and covered the entirety of Mars into 1 elephantine particulate cloud. Another item present is the 2 poles of the satellite that are covered successful a agleam broad of clouds. 

The 2 agleam dots that tin beryllium seen successful the acheronian of abstraction surrounding the satellite are Phobos and Deimos - the 2 moons that beryllium to Mars.  

Tattooed Mars

This representation dates backmost to 2007 and shows the Russell Crater dune field. This country of Mars is often covered successful c dioxide frost. When that frost evaporates, the country changes significantly. In the apical of the image, patches of the remaining frost tin beryllium seen. The achromatic markings are the rust of particulate devils trailing crossed the surrounding landscape. 

Summertime views

This representation shows the confederate hemisphere of Mars astatine the extremity of the summertime. The peaks of the upland ranges present look to beryllium covered successful crystal and snow, but NASA says this isn't imaginable during this summertime play and it's much apt to beryllium mineral deposits instead. 

Deuteronilus Mensae

This representation from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the Deuteronilus Mensae portion of Mars. A lobe-shaped enactment tin beryllium seen connected the close broadside of the image. These formations are thought to beryllium caused by icy regions of the onshore subliminating and dissipating. 

Ancient bedrock

This presumption shows immoderate consecutive ridges successful the past bedrock that makes up the aboveground of Mars adjacent Nirgal Valles - 1 of the longest valleys connected the planet. 

It is thought this bedrock has hardened implicit clip and has been capable to withstand billions of years of erosion. An awesome feat for an intriguing view. 

An astonishing Mesa

Another unthinkable representation from the aboveground of Mars shows a tiny Mesa that's surrounded by soil dunes. The country is heavy eroded and includes respective sedimentary deposits wrong the Mesa. A beauteous presumption of the powerfulness of quality connected Mars and however the satellite reacts to the situation astir it. 

Saheki's Secret Layers

This presumption shows Saheki Crater - a crater that's astir 84 kilometres across. This crater is filled with alluvial fans (triangle-shaped deposits) that were apt created erstwhile melting snowfall carried antithetic materials down from the borderline of the crater into the centre. 

The effect is simply a beautiful, colourful and intriguing spot of scenery of Mars brilliantly captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

Layers and dunes

Most of the aboveground of Mars is covered successful dust, ungraded and different materials that screen the bedrock below. This representation shows 1 country of the satellite wherever the bedrock is exposed to the elements. Here, layers of reddish bedrock tin beryllium seen with what looks similar property rings.

The Hargraves Crater

This representation from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows an country of Mars that's been deed by antithetic abstraction debris. A affluent and varied bedrock aboveground successful the country means coloruful minerals and materials person been dispersed crossed the surroundings. The effect is simply a brilliantly colourful image of Mars dissimilar galore others you're apt to see. 

Crater impacts

The aboveground of Mars is often changing acknowledgment to hundreds of caller asteroid impacts connected the aboveground connected a regular basis. 

Mars has a overmuch thinner ambiance than Earth, meaning it's little protected than our satellite erstwhile it comes to specified interstellar dangers. 

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This representation shows a marque caller crater which was formed with explosive results arsenic the blast sent debris successful each directions. The exposed materials alteration chaotic successful colours and amusement a large assortment of materials. 

Crater Tadpoles

An antithetic show of a crater connected the aboveground of Mars shows a presumption that looks somewhat similar a tadpole. The process of this crater was apt created by h2o moving retired of the crater and flowing downhill. 

This benignant of representation is utile for scientists who are trying to survey the past of the country and however h2o existed and reacted with surroundings.

The faults

A changeable of Meridiani Planum shows immoderate absorbing layered deposits and faults that person cleanable breaks too. Another fantastic presumption of the aboveground of Mars acknowledgment to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Another Curious view

This representation shows the presumption from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. Mount Sharp tin beryllium seen wrong Curiosity's eyeline and the rocky aboveground of Mars surely looks formidable. 

Chemical alteration

Mars mightiness not beryllium overmuch to look astatine now, but that doesn't mean it isn't afloat of fascinating sights that archer tales astir its history. 

In past times, it's thought that h2o erstwhile ran connected Mars, carving channels done the scenery and transporting sediment arsenic it went. This representation shows a spectral investigation from orbit which highlights chemic alteration successful the aboveground caused by this water. 

This image from Jezero Crater delta shows a aboveground that's affluent successful clay and carbonates. The landforms you tin spot are thought to day backmost implicit 3.6 cardinal years and are possibly home to past integrated molecules and different imaginable signs of microbial life. This is wherefore NASA has chosen this country arsenic the landing tract for the adjacent Rover, that's acceptable to onshore connected the satellite successful 2020. 


Just similar connected Earth, determination are areas of sediment connected the aboveground of Mars. These areas often effect successful this benignant of wonderfully exquisite layering and talk to the geological past of the planet. 


In May 2019, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter helped seizure this representation of an avalanche taking spot connected a 1,640 ft gangly cliff adjacent Mars' northbound pole. 

At that clip of year, temperatures connected the aboveground increase, which causes the crystal to vaporise which successful crook breaks escaped blocks of crystal and kicks up particulate into the surroundings. From above, the results are reasonably spectacular. 

Sand Ripples

This representation from 2009 shows fantastic soil ripples and a ample soil dune captured astatine Proctor Crater. Colour was added to marque the representation much disposable but it's nary little awesome without it. 

Valles Marineris

Sure, the Grand Canyon is impressive, but Mars is winning erstwhile it comes to awesome valleys. The Valles Marineris is said to beryllium the largest canyon successful the Solar System, stretching 600 kilometres crossed and 8 kilometres deep. 

For comparison's sake, Eath's Grand Canyon is conscionable 1.8 kilometres heavy and 30 kilometres across. 

This representation of the canyon was created utilizing good implicit 100 images of Mars captured during the 1970s by the Viking Orbiters. 


Staggering Images Of Mars Like Youve Never Seen Before photograph  33

The Obliquity of Mars

This is simply a HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Experiment) representation of the Tithonium Chasma. What makes it absorbing is the geology of the area.

Our satellite tilts arsenic it rotates connected its axis. Mars besides tilts successful overmuch the aforesaid way, but tin sometimes tilt arsenic overmuch arsenic 60 degrees much connected its axis than Earth does. This tilt tin pb to ample shifts successful clime and it's the sediment deposits successful this country which scientists tin survey to measure the past of the tilt of Mars and the interaction of that connected clime alteration connected the planet. 

Fresh craters adjacent Mangala Valles

This representation was captured utilizing HiRISE and shows a portion adjacent Mangala Valles wherever 2 interaction craters tin beryllium intelligibly seen beforehand and centre successful the image. 

NASA besides says the remainder of the representation is besides absorbing owed to the dusty aboveground and the criss-cross patterns formed by upwind enactment connected the surface. 

Cliffs successful Ancient Ice

Despite its dusty exterior, it's believed that nether the aboveground Mars is really converted successful a batch of ice.

Sometimes that crystal breaks retired of the surface, particularly successful cliff areas similar this 1 wherever not lone tin the faint light-blue-coloured hue of crystal beryllium seen showing done the aboveground but ample chunks of crystal tin besides interruption escaped and tumble down the cliff face. 

Studying the crystal helps scientists larn astir the clime of the satellite and the possibilities it holds for supplying astronauts successful future. 

CO2 Ice Sublimating

Here the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera captured images of the southbound rod of Mars wherever c dioxide crystal could beryllium seen turning from coagulated into a gas.

The crystal would beryllium mislaid from 1 conception and betterment connected adjacent areas. A bid of images from this country were captured betwixt 2007 and 2013 to make an animation of the changes

Pit Craters

As good arsenic crystal nether the surface, Mars besides has a batch of lava. Some times that lava bubbles up and moves rocks retired of the way. In doing so, this tin origin pits and craters to look similar this 1 picked up by the HiRISE camera.

Speckled Polar Dunes

This changeable shows soil dunes astir the North Polar erg of Mars. It was taken during the outpouring erstwhile frost was inactive covering the crushed but arsenic the frost sublimates the escaping state exposes the acheronian soil and particulate beneath the ice, resulting successful this awesome speckled view. 

A vigor shield being released

This representation is not conscionable of Mars, but of a glorious lawsuit connected Mars wherever the Perseverance rover made its descent onto the planet. This changeable shows the vigor shield dropping distant from the module arsenic it entered the ambiance connected 18 February 2021. 

Perseverance landing site

The tiny speck successful the mediate of this representation is the NASA Perseverance rover. The representation was taken a fewer days aft the landing by the High-Resolution Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). Yet it inactive shows the ringing of blast marks that were caused by the thrusters arsenic the rover landed connected the planet. This is the presumption from 180 miles up of the small rover doing its thing. 

China is connected Mars too

You'd beryllium forgiven for reasoning that NASA is the lone organisation exploring Mars. But this photograph from 19 May 2021 shows the presumption from the Zhurong rover.

A Chinese rover that's exploring the Utopia Planitia portion of Mars that's located successful the bluish hemisphere of the planet.

This is conscionable 1 photograph shown disconnected by the China National Space Administration. There are bound to beryllium much arsenic the rover goes astir its 3 period ngo exploring the planet. 

Ice headdress erosion

This representation shows the South Polar portion of Mars wherever crystal headdress erosion has created a alleged "Swiss food terrain" wherever each sorts of these shapes person appeared successful this area. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 22 March 2019.

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