British swimmer cops brutal eye injury in Tokyo

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British marathon swimmer Hector Pardoe thought his oculus had fallen retired into Tokyo Bay aft helium was deed successful the look by a rival's elbow precocious successful the contention astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Going into the last thigh of the 10km unfastened h2o people successful blistery conditions that made racing hard enough, Pardoe was whacked successful a stroke that broke his goggles and forced him to retire.


The 20-year-old described his panic arsenic helium attempted to find retired however atrocious his wounded was.

"On my past lap, I took an elbow to the look - I thought I'd mislaid my eye," Pardoe told BBC One aft the race.

"My goggles came disconnected completely. I ever hoped that if I got injured similar that, I'd beryllium capable to decorativeness the contention - but my goggles fell disconnected and I couldn't adjacent get them.

"I couldn't spot anything, I thought my oculus had fallen retired successful the water. I went up to the lifeguards and said, 'My eye, my eye! Is it okay?' They weren't giving maine a precise decisive sentiment and I had to get retired aft that.

"It's fine, they're conscionable going to stitch it up for maine backmost astatine the Olympic Village. It was bleeding everywhere."

Great Britain's Hector Pardoe during the 10km marathon swim. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Even with the contention starting astatine 6.30am section time, the somesthesia was already 27 Celsius with 80 per cent humidity, making it consciousness similar adjacent to 33 degrees.

Unlike the women's contention the erstwhile day, determination were nary clouds to mitigate the heat.

The stifling conditions got to David Aubry of France, who dropped retired with astir 3 kilometres remaining and was carried disconnected the platform connected a stretcher.

French officials said a enarthrosis wounded hampered his grooming starring up to the race, truthful his fittingness wasn't bully capable to grip the heat.

Pardoe besides recovered the going tough.

"I've ne'er raced successful specified blistery waters. I started to panic erstwhile I was behind, I could spot that immoderate accidental of apical five, apical six was over," helium said.

Germany's Florian Wellbrock won the race, having besides claimed bronze successful the 1500m successful the excavation earlier successful the Games.

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