Fox News And OANN Ignore AZ Audit That Shows Bigger Biden Margin Of Victory

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Newsmax is lone covering Donald Trump’s predetermination lies, portion Fox News and One America News Network are ignoring the results of the Arizona audit.

Matthew Sheffield tweeted:

This is what "media bias" looks like:

Fox News has thing connected its homepage astir the Arizona fake recount that showed Trump mislaid the authorities successful 2020.

Neither does OANN.

Newsmax is covering it, but lone Trump's lies astir it.

— Matthew Sheffield (@mattsheffield) September 24, 2021

The blimpish cablegram networks hyped the Arizona fraudit for months, but when the results, nary substance however dubious they are, amusement that it was really Joe Biden, not Donald Trump who had his full undercounted, blimpish media ignores the audit, similar it ne'er happened.

Trump and Republicans person warped the word media bias to mean a factual communicative that they disagree with. The word has go truthful misused that radical can’t spot what existent bias looks like.

Conservative media’s handling of the results of the Arizona audit is simply a textbook illustration of media bias successful action.

The Arizona audit is not credible, truthful media outlets should not beryllium stating that it confirms Biden’s win. Joe Biden’s triumph was already confirmed earlier helium took office.

The audit process itself does uncover that adjacent erstwhile Republicans effort to navigator the books connected predetermination returns, they neglect to beryllium their claims that the predetermination was stolen.

Because the audit was a flop, blimpish media is ignoring the results.

That’s what existent media bias looks like.

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