Gala Games Announces $100 Million Blockchain Fund Alongside New Play-To-Earn Games From Peter Molyneux, Will Wright, And More

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Gala Games announced implicit the play during its Galaverse lawsuit that it has launched a $100 cardinal blockchain gaming money with C2 Ventures. 

Gala Games is an NFT-focused gaming startup led by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, and it’s teaming up with C2 Ventures, a caller crypto concern firm, to put successful crippled developers funny successful processing caller titles and expansions astir blockchain technology. This includes NFTs, play-to-earn games, and more. 

“The associated money volition put successful crippled developers and emerging projects gathering with blockchain technology, including but not constricted to play-to-earn, GameFi, metaverses, and different decentralized gaming solutions,” a Gala Games property release reads.

During the weekend’s Galaverse event, Fable creator Peter Molyneux announced his adjacent game. Titled Legacy, it’s described arsenic a “blockchain concern sim” and it’s owed retired adjacent year. 

At archetypal glance, Legacy seems similar a modular sim: design, make, trade, and vie are the pillars of the game, according to the uncover blog post. It doesn't instrumentality agelong for the transportation of Legacy to veer into NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more, however. 

“Owning a Land NFT allows you to commencement your ain in-game blockchain concern relation successful Legacy,” the station reads. “You volition beryllium capable to play Legacy, portion earning and owning your gameplay. Crucially, arsenic a concern relation owner, you volition person entree to Legacy Keys. These items tin beryllium lent to different radical who privation to commencement an in-game concern successful Legacy, making them your in-game Business Partners. As portion of your association, they volition stock a information of their earned LegacyCoin with you.” 

Speaking of LegacyCoin, the uncover describes it arsenic a “currency that enables the innovative blockchain acquisition that is Legacy to exist.” It’s a caller cryptocurrency lying connected the Ethereum blockchain “which complies with the tried and trusted ERC-20 token standard.” 

Blockchain games and NFTs person drawn dense disapproval successful the manufacture frankincense acold owed to their portion successful ongoing biology damage. The usage of cryptocurrencies, which are often utilized to acquisition NFTs, and the mining of said currencies results successful millions of c dioxide emissions, damaging Earth’s atmosphere, arsenic reported by The Verge. Ethereum, 1 of the most-used cryptocurrencies and the 1 utilized astatine the instauration of Legacy, is moving connected thing it calls “The Merge,” which it says volition “start the epoch of a much sustainable, eco-friendly Ethereum.” Only clip volition archer however greenish Ethereum becomes, though.

LegacyCoin is astatine the basal of Legacy, according to the post, arsenic it’s however players volition get Legacy keys for lending, and it’s however players volition commercialized wrong the game’s system portion acquiring “exclusive point NFTs.” 

“Legacy is simply a crippled that leverages subordinate ownership, play-to-earn, lend-to-earn, highly functional NFTs and a genuinely unsocial assemblage driven economy…and this is conscionable the beginning,” the blog station reads. 

The Sims creator Will Wright was besides contiguous during the Galaverse lawsuit and there, helium “revealed his recently established originative concern arsenic helium and his squad astatine Gallium Studios volition lend their extended acquisition to assistance successful the improvement of Gala Games’ blockchain VOX metaverse and crippled satellite from the ground-up,” according to the property release. Gala says VOX NFTs are collectibles “with a existent play-to-earn utility” crossed Gala’s games” similar Town Star and soon, Mirandus. However, it says determination is not a crippled dedicated natively to the VOX metaverse and that Wright and Gallium Studios are going to “create and physique the Voxverse.” 

Gala says details of Wright’s caller crippled volition beryllium revealed successful the coming months. 

Elsewhere during Galaverse, AMC announced that it is partnering with Ember Entertainment to motorboat a “new cross-platform endurance MMORPG” called The Walking Dead: Empires. In it, players “will beryllium capable to acquisition ‘Dead Claims’ which volition springiness aboriginal buyers the accidental to assertion an perfect crippled of onshore anterior to the game’s release.” 

Certain Affinity, which helped co-develop Halo Infinite with 343 Industries, besides revealed that it’s bringing a caller game, Last Expedition, to the Gala Platform. Gala’s property merchandise says Certain Affinity “aims to brace the prime of a AAA FPS with the benefits of blockchain gaming,” though further details were not revealed. 

While waiting to larn much astir these play-to-earn games, work astir however Ubisoft precocious revealed Quartz, its level for playable NFTs, and past cheque retired this communicative astir however EA’s CEO says blockchain games are the “future of our industry” aft that.

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