Mobile technology gives Bulgarian power grid a renewable energy boost

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Groundbreaking mobile exertion   gives Bulgarian powerfulness  grid a renewable vigor  boost Credit: PhotoAdventure Studio, Shutterstock

Transmission grids are struggling to support up with the maturation of renewable energy. In Bulgaria, the installation of a caller mobile powerfulness travel power strategy is present making it imaginable to greatly summation the magnitude of renewable vigor that the country's powerfulness grid tin handle. It's besides unlocking cross-border energy flows.

The exertion was installed successful Bulgaria's strategy arsenic portion of the EU-funded FLEXITRANSTORE , with collaboration betwixt the Bulgarian transmission strategy operator, energy strategy relation (ESO) and planetary exertion institution Smart Wires.

Power travel power exertion allows grid operators to unlock their systems' presently underutilized transmission capacity, making their powerfulness grid infrastructure much businesslike and resilient. Grid congestion is reduced and quicker connections are made imaginable betwixt caller renewables and demand. The pioneering mobile powerfulness travel power solution developed by Smart Wires was installed successful north-east Bulgaria, wherever 750 MW of upwind vigor is generated. The installation took lone 2.5 days.

"This task allows america to seizure excess capableness connected our grid to summation renewable penetration, trim constraints and amended cross-border flows betwixt Bulgaria and Romania," stated ESO's National Dispatching Center Director Dimitar Zarchev successful a quality merchandise posted connected 'CISION PR Newswire'. "ESO is arrogant to beryllium portion of this important work, which is vitally important to the Southeastern European network."

Good for customers, bully for the environment

Further describing the benefits of the mobile powerfulness travel power technology, Zarchev explained it would alteration them to vastly amended the network's capableness and flexibility and velocity up the region's decarbonisation efforts. "[T]he worth of Smart Wires' is that it tin beryllium delivered successful months, installed successful hours and reused astatine aggregate antithetic locations," helium continued. "Power travel power is not new, but this innovative mobile deployment method provides the manufacture with an incredibly flexible and high-impact solution, which yet delivers a faster, little outgo and amended mode to program and run powerfulness systems."

Mark Norton, Smart Wires' Vice President of European Business Development, commented connected the Bulgarian undertaking: "[T]his task showcases existent innovation—redeploying ample standard grid infrastructure seamlessly from 1 to different to lick aggregate problems. This instrumentality was archetypal deployed successful Greece successful 2019 to trim renewable congestion arsenic a associated task with the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator. ESO and IPTO [the Independent Power Transmission Operator] person shown planetary enactment connected this task which has caught the imaginativeness of operators from each implicit Europe, the US, Australia and Latin America. We're arrogant to spouse with the FLEXITRANSTORE consortium to guarantee these types of tools tin beryllium adopted crossed Europe."

The FLEXITRANSTORE (An Integrated Platform for Incresed FLEXIbility successful astute TRANSmission grids with STORage Entities and ample penetration of Renewable Energy Sources) task aims to alteration Europe's powerfulness strategy with interventions that people the full vigor worth chain.

More information: FLEXITRANSTORE task website:

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