Prisma Analytics and CryptoDATA Tech to launch Edain (EAI) token

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September 29th has been confirmed arsenic the day for an online motorboat lawsuit for Edain, a caller Tradable License Key (TLK) merchandise developed collaboratively by Prisma Analytics and CryptoDATA Tech. The lawsuit volition beryllium streamed unrecorded connected the Edain website, and volition rise consciousness astir the product’s capableness to alteration unparsed information into actionable accusation for decision-makers.

Edain is simply a tradable licence cardinal produced by CryptoDATA Tech successful collaboration with Prisma, and the cardinal volition let a tradable token to assistance holders entree to cognition generated by Prisma’s groundbreaking C+8 engine.

C+8 is the brainchild of Prof. Dr Hardy F. Schloer, and is an AI-enhanced large information suite that sorts done unimaginable quantities of information, translating earthy information into discrete pockets that tin beryllium sorted and synthesised into real-world strategies and actions.

Schloer, Founder and CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH, said: “The Edain TLK represents the cardinal to entree C+8 Technology®, and implicitly, entree to a immense cardinal cognition repository that is designed to go the largest, astir accessible cognition root successful quality history. Through dynamically expanding room of cognition apps utilizing the C+8 cognition database, users volition beryllium capable to probe thing from societal trends and geopolitics to hazard identification, information threats, predictive modelling and uncovering the proverbial ‘needle successful the haystack’ for virtually immoderate determination application, implicit time.”

The online motorboat lawsuit volition big speakers from tech juggernauts specified arsenic DELL, and elder Prisma and CryptoDATA Tech representatives volition besides marque appearances. Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech, volition beryllium speaking adjacent Wednesday, and said: “We person developed Edain arsenic a means to supply each human, anyplace successful the satellite with state of choice. Edain facilitates entree to a exertion that transforms earthy information into actionable cognition successful real-time and thus, users tin marque optimal knowledge-based decisions. The C+8 Technology provides humans a precise almighty vantage successful knowing the dynamics of the satellite astir america and it tin beryllium easy accessed by anyone with Edain licence keys.”

Edain’s token, EAI, volition acquisition a pre-sale managed by CryptoDATA Tech, who person important expertise and acquisition successful the realm of blockchain. The pre-sale volition statesman during the motorboat lawsuit adjacent week, and volition past until the 29th of adjacent month. The token’s whitepaper, tokenomics, and compatible Prisma apps tin each beryllium viewed connected the Edain website.

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