Sky Q IP box offers satellite TV via broadband, but only in Germany for now

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(Pocket-lint) - Sky Q has expanded and improved greatly successful the UK implicit the past mates of years, but determination is inactive 1 large diagnostic missing: Sky Q implicit broadband.

Announced backmost successful 2017, the Sky Q IP service would negate the request for a outer dish, for those who either cannot oregon bash not privation to person 1 installed.

Unfortunately though, it seems that plans to present it to the UK person been shelved. Not truthful Germany.

A Sky Q IP container has launched successful the state that does precisely what was promised 4 years ago.

It gives entree to much than 80 TV channels streamed implicit the net alternatively than broadcast via satellite. It besides includes a akin app line-up to the existing Sky Q boxes, specified arsenic Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Subscriptions commencement astatine €12.50 per period and tally for 12 months, aft which clip the declaration tin beryllium cancelled.

As for the UK, Pocket-lint was told successful the summertime of 2020 that the absorption for Sky is connected regular improvements to its existing Sky Q outer service, backed up by a renewed, redesigned Now streaming work for those who similar their TV implicit broadband.

"We volition determination much and much of our services - similar successful however the merchandise works - to beryllium leveraged implicit IP," said Sky's radical main merchandise officer, Fraser Stirling at the time.

"That volition see immoderate channels. You volition find linear content, VOD content, and different experiences that are going to beryllium IP based, with a truly coagulated backbone: that hybrid transportation part, which is satellite. [It] is going to play a cardinal portion of our aboriginal for rather immoderate time."

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 4 August 2021.

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