The five best hybrid SUVs you can buy

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The 5  champion  hybrid SUVs you tin  buy This photograph provided by the Ford Motor Co. shows the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid, a tiny hybrid crossover SUV that's inactive roomy and comfortable. Credit: David Westphal/Ford Motor Co. via AP

Buying a hybrid conveyance is typically a astute mode to assistance prevention wealth connected state and trim your c footprint compared to a accepted gasoline-only vehicle. Not agelong agone your buying choices were mostly constricted to hybrid hatchbacks and sedans, but the hybrid SUV marketplace has expanded considerably the past fewer years. The latest hybrid SUVs tin get awesome substance system portion providing plentifulness of cargo space, a higher thrust height, disposable all-wheel thrust and cutting-edge exertion features.

Edmunds' experts person picked 5 of the champion caller hybrid SUVs connected merchantability today. They are presented successful alphabetical order, and each prices see the destination charge.


Base price: $29,920

Fuel economy: 40-41 mpg combined

The precocious redesigned Ford Escape is simply a good crossover SUV, but it's the Escape Hybrid that stands retired successful Ford's lineup. It's besides Edmunds' existent top-ranked hybrid SUV. Available with front- oregon all-wheel drive, the roomy and comfy Escape Hybrid offers fantabulous system without sacrificing overmuch successful presumption of performance. We besides similar the Ford's disposable in-car tech and operator immunodeficiency arsenic good arsenic the mostly creaseless thrust quality. As with immoderate rivals, Ford besides offers a plug-in hybrid variant with an estimated 37 miles of electric-only range. The biggest drawback is the Escape's cargo space, which is somewhat little than what immoderate rival tiny SUVs offer.

Standard features connected the basal Escape Hybrid SE see dual-zone automatic clime control, an 8-inch touchscreen, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. Driver immunodeficiency see blind-spot monitoring and lane departure mitigation.

The 5  champion  hybrid SUVs you tin  buy This photograph provided by Honda shows a 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid, an all-wheel-drive hybrid crossover SUV. Credit: American Honda Motor Co. via AP


Base price: $31,785

Fuel economy: 38 mpg combined

The Honda CR-V is 1 of Edmunds' favourite tiny SUVs, and the fuel-efficient hybrid exemplary is nary different. While it's a spot much costly than immoderate of its competitors, the CR-V Hybrid comes good equipped with tons of modular tech and information features. All-wheel drive—optional connected astir rivals—is modular present too. Edmunds recovered the CR-V Hybrid comfy and spacious, with galore clever retention bins successful the compartment for your phone, drinks and different tiny items.

Notable modular features connected the basal CR-V Hybrid EX see LED lighting, distant start, keyless introduction and ignition, and operator immunodeficiency specified arsenic and blind-spot monitoring.


Base price: $30,235

Fuel economy: 37-38 mpg combined

The Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is 1 of the latest hybrid SUVs to deed the market, and it instantly impressed with a comfy ride, a spacious interior and loads of modular tech. An fantabulous warranty and a comparatively debased basal terms marque it each the much compelling. The Tucson Hybrid's interior is handsome and good appointed, offering a somewhat much premium consciousness than immoderate rivals. All-wheel thrust is disposable for drivers who request it, and Hyundai besides offers a plug-in hybrid that allows for an estimated 32 miles of electrical range. The biggest downside is somewhat worse substance system than its rivals.

The 5  champion  hybrid SUVs you tin  buy This photograph provided by Hyundai shows the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid SUV, 1 of the newest hybrid vehicles connected merchantability today. Credit: David Dewhurst/Hyundai Motor America via AP

Standard features connected the basal Tucson's Blue Hybrid trim level see extortion rails, tinted rear windows, LED lighting, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and operator immunodeficiency specified arsenic blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.


Base price: $39,910

Fuel economy: 35-36 mpg combined

The 5  champion  hybrid SUVs you tin  buy This photograph provided by Toyota shows the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, an electrified variant of 1 of America's astir fashionable vehicles. Credit: Toyota Motor North America via AP

If you request much abstraction than what these different hybrids offer, the three-row Toyota Highlander is good worthy a look. There are larger three-row SUVs retired there, but fewer tin lucifer the Highlander Hybrid's substance economy. Like the Toyota RAV4, the Highlander Hybrid doesn't outgo importantly much than the modular model, making it each the much appealing.

The Highlander Hybrid is comfy and good equipped from the get-go with modular features including LED headlights, a powerfulness liftgate, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto arsenic good arsenic three-zone clime control. All-wheel thrust is disposable arsenic an enactment connected each Highlander Hybrids.


The 5  champion  hybrid SUVs you tin  buy This photograph provided by Toyota shows the 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 1 of the fewer three-row hybrid vehicles connected merchantability today. Credit: Toyota Motor North America via AP

Base price: $29,975

Fuel economy: 40 mpg combined

The Toyota RAV4 is 1 of America's best-selling vehicles and, similar the Escape, its hybrid mentation makes a amended lawsuit for itself than the modular model. For lone somewhat much wealth than the modular model, the RAV4 Hybrid offers importantly amended substance and quicker acceleration. It's spacious and comfy and comes modular with all-. There's besides the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid that offers 42 miles of all-electric scope connected a afloat battery.

Toyota besides comes with modular operator immunodeficiency specified arsenic adaptive cruise power and lane departure informing arsenic good arsenic features including LED headlights, dual-zone automatic clime control, and a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

EDMUNDS SAYS: Buying a hybrid nary longer means sacrificing inferior and abstraction for the involvement of substance efficiency.

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