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Among the galore announcements to travel retired of The Game Awards, The Matrix Awakens was 1 of the coolest arsenic good arsenic the astir puzzling. Not rather a game, per see, this escaped interactive acquisition serves arsenic a tech demo to showcase Unreal Engine 5's horsepower utilizing The Matrix beingness arsenic a backdrop. To accidental that it looks large is an understatement. We're inactive trying to assistance our jaws disconnected the level acknowledgment to the life-like fidelity of Awakens' city. 

Awakens puts you successful power of an archetypal character, though you bash get to bent with Neo and Trinity during an breathtaking on-rails car chase/shooting assemblage that we'll partially amusement off. You'll besides get a glimpse astatine however Awakens lets players tinker with improvement tools to change the look and consciousness of its world. 

Join Alex Stadink, Marcus Stewart, and Andrew Reiner arsenic they delve into The Matrix Awakens' stunning integer playground. Be definite to cheque retired our round-up of all the large announcements from The Game Awards, arsenic good arsenic the full database of grant winners.  

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