Twitter to offer 'bounty' to find algorithmic bias

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Twitter said the currency  rewards it's offering are "the industry's archetypal  algorithmic bias bounty" Twitter said the currency rewards it's offering are "the industry's archetypal algorithmic bias bounty"

Twitter said Friday it would connection a currency "bounty" to users and researchers to assistance basal retired algorithmic bias connected the societal media platform.

The San Francisco tech steadfast said this would beryllium "the industry's archetypal algorithmic bias bounty competition," with prizes up to $3,500.

The contention is based connected the "bug bounty" programs immoderate websites and platforms connection to find information holes and vulnerabilities, according to Twitter executives Rumman Chowdhury and Jutta Williams.

"Finding bias successful instrumentality learning models is difficult, and sometimes, companies find retired astir unintended ethical harms erstwhile they've already reached the public," Chowdhury and Williams wrote successful a blog post.

"We privation to alteration that."

They said the hacker bounty exemplary offers committedness successful uncovering algorithmic bias.

"We're inspired by however the probe and hacker communities helped the information tract found for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities successful bid to support the public," they wrote.

"We privation to cultivate a akin community... for proactive and corporate recognition of algorithmic harms."

The determination comes amid increasing concerns astir automated algorithmic systems, which, contempt an effort to beryllium neutral, tin incorporated radical oregon different forms of bias.

Twitter, which earlier this twelvemonth launched an fairness initiative, said successful May it was scrapping an automated image-cropping strategy aft its reappraisal recovered bias successful the algorithm controlling the function.

The messaging level said it recovered the algorithm delivered "unequal attraction based connected demographic differences," with and males favored implicit Black radical and females, and "objectification" that focused connected a woman's thorax oregon legs, described arsenic "male gaze."

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