Update: Spiritfarer Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold, Jackie & Daria Update Out Now

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Update, 12/13/21:

Thunder Lotus has revealed that Spiritfarer has surpassed 1 cardinal copies sold, a monolithic milestone for the indie game, and if that's not enough, the latest and last update, the Jackie & Daria Update, is retired today. 

For much details astir the Jackie & Daria Update, cheque retired the archetypal communicative below. 

Original Story, 12/13/21:

Spiritfarer is getting the last batch of contented from its 2021 roadmap, and developer Thunder Lotus bills it arsenic the astir important summation yet. Jackie and Daria are 2 caller spirits joining the fray alongside an uncharted land to research and a caller event. 

The escaped update arrives connected December 13 for each versions of the game. The communicative sees Stella sojourn a rundown infirmary situated connected an chartless island. She meets Jackie, a caretaker and tone successful the signifier of a hyena, and Daria, a bat and Jackie’s patient. By befriending these 2 lovable spirits, you’ll assistance them get the infirmary up and moving again. As seen successful the trailer below, the update adds a caller platforming-focused event, and you outfit your ferry with caller upgrades. 

As antecedently noted, the Jackie & Daria update volition beryllium the game’s last. Two erstwhile add-ons introduced 2 different spirits, Lily and Beverly, and their respective stories. Now that Spiritfaer is wrapped up, we look guardant to seeing what Thunder Lotus has up its sleeve next. 

Spiritfarer is disposable connected PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC. You tin work our review here to find retired wherefore it’s a gem you shouldn’t overlook. 

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