AFL world in uproar at ump's polarising behind call

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The opening fractional of tonight's AFL grand final wasn't without contention with a Max Gawn changeable connected extremity being called a down contempt replays hinting otherwise.

With the Demons starring by 11 points during the 2nd quarter, Gawn was near stunned that his side's pb wasn't stretched retired by a extremity erstwhile the extremity umpire deemed his changeable from adjacent to the bound line, to beryllium nary good.

"Max is successful disbelief still!" said Seven commentator Brian Taylor.

Once replays emerged of the ruckman's changeable connected goal, it appeared incredibly tight, with Lions large Luke Hodge adjacent admitting that helium thought it should've been deemed a six-pointer.

Max Gawn confused astatine the extremity umpire's decision. (Seven)

"(Gawn is) not blessed with that, I really thought it was a extremity too," Hodge said.

"From that angle, it really looks similar ... But the umpire was successful a cleanable position."

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The determination of a down divided fans crossed societal media.

A Twitter idiosyncratic understood to beryllium successful attendance shared a antithetic space of Gawn's shot, which sparked plentifulness of debate.

Former Demon Tomas Bugg said helium was near successful "shock" that the determination wasn't looked astatine by the ARC, the AFL's goal-review system.

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