Aussie in wheelchair after steeplechase disaster

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Australia's Genevieve Gregson has ruptured her Achilles tendon aft falling astatine the last h2o hurdle successful the 3000m steeplchase astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Gregson, connected her 32nd birthday, was taken distant successful a wheelchair, and present faces months of rehabilitation.


She confirmed the quality successful a societal media post.

"I'm heartbroken & don't person the words close present to respond to you each but successful abbreviated - ruptured Achilles connected the past h2o jump," she wrote.

"Happy Birthday me! Thank you for each the enactment & beauteous messages. I'll effort to respond successful time. For present I request to mend my heart, psyche & Achilles."

Genevieve Gregson holds her look successful her hands arsenic she's taken disconnected successful a wheelchair aft failing to decorativeness the Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final. (Getty)

Gregson had been troubled by a choky near Achilles earlier the race, but really ruptured the close Achilles.

She's 1 of the astir fashionable members of the Australian team, and is competing astatine her 3rd Olympics.

Gregson started astatine a cracking pace, pushing the beforehand of the battalion retired hard early. But she soon began to wane, falling drastically disconnected the frontrunners to the backmost of the field.

Genevieve Gregson (Getty)

As Uganda's Peruth Chemutai claimed the golden successful a clip of 9:01.45, Gregson was obscurity to beryllium seen.

Replays showed Gregson had fallen implicit the last h2o hurdle, crashing to the crushed and clutching astatine her ankle.

Medical attraction was soon connected hand, and she was placed successful a wheelchair and taken away.

American Courtney Frerichs finished second, with Kenya's Hyvin Kiyeng winning the bronze.

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