'Beast' Turbo can thank 'Harry', says Fittler

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Brad Fittler believes Tom Trbojevic's late-night sprint nonaccomplishment to 'Harry' connected Manly's Corso successful February has played a large portion successful sparking his caller red-hot signifier and tag arsenic the champion subordinate successful the NRL.

The Sea Eagles fullback has been unstoppable for the past fewer months, carving it up successful the NRL to steer Manly to 5th connected the ladder and besides being awarded the Wally Lewis Medal arsenic the champion subordinate successful this year's State of Origin series.

And remarkably, he's the favourite to triumph the Dally M Medal contempt missing the archetypal 5 games of the play with different hamstring injury.

Tom Trbojevic crosses for different try. (Getty)

Trbojevic was sidelined for ample chunks of the 2019 and 2020 seasons owed to injury, and mostly it was his hamstrings letting him down.

So Sea Eagles fans were distraught erstwhile the nine announced successful the off-season that Trbojevic would miss the commencement of the play because he'd torn his hamstring by slipping successful the shower.

Not everyone was buying it erstwhile a video emerged of Turbo being beaten by a feline called Harry successful a night-time sprint.

Tom Trbojevic. (Getty)

Regardless, Fittler thinks Harry tin astir apt instrumentality immoderate of the recognition for Trbojevic's stunning signifier since his instrumentality to the tract successful mid-April arsenic helium made immense improvements physically.

"I archer you what's helped him," helium said connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

"The incidental astatine Manly astatine the commencement of the season. You should spot what benignant of signifier he's successful astatine the moment. He's a weapon. He's truthful overmuch stronger than I've ever seen him.

"He's a antithetic beast astatine the moment. He's focused, grooming hard."

NSW centre Tom Trbojevic runs distant to people a effort during crippled 2 of the 2021 State of Origin series. (Getty)

A Trbojevic masterclass connected Monday nighttime steered Manly to a 40-22 triumph implicit Cronulla successful a show that included a Turbo hat-trick successful conscionable 10 minutes aft halftime.

His stats were extraordinary: 3 tries, 3 effort assists, 217 tally metres, 14 tackle breaks, 3 enactment breaks and 4 enactment interruption assists.

"He's from different planet," said Andrew Johns.

"I sat backmost the different nighttime and said: 'This bloke is from different planet'."

Tom Trbojevic of the Blues and Nathan Cleary of the Blues observe aft scoring a effort during crippled 1 of the 2021 State of Origin bid betwixt the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons astatine Queensland Country Bank Stadium connected June 09, 2021 successful Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images) (Getty)

Johns is adamant Trbojevic volition assertion the Dally M, portion Fittler sees Cody Walker and Nathan Cleary, who is adjacent to a comeback from a enarthrosis injury, arsenic the lone threats to Turbo.

And with Trbojevic starring the complaint arsenic Manly oculus a top-four decorativeness with 5 regular play games remaining, Johns believes the Sea Eagles tin halt Melbourne's unthinkable 16-match winning streak successful the blockbuster match-up this Saturday.

Tune into the Sea Eagles v Storm clash this Saturday unrecorded and escaped connected Nine from 7pm (AEST)!

Most importantly, they tin occupation defences each implicit the park, according to Johns.

"To bushed Melbourne you request to determination the ball," helium said.

"You request to beryllium unorthodox. You request to determination the ball. You request to disrupt them.

"If you (produce) acceptable plays, they conscionable devour you up. And Manly person pockets of attack. On the near broadside they've got (Josh) Schuster and (Kieran) Foran moving together. Around the mediate they've got each those large guys and Jake Trbjovic scheming.

"Then connected the close broadside DCE and Morgan Harper are combining with (Haumole) Olakau'atu. Geez I emotion him arsenic a player. So I deliberation Manly triumph conscionable due to the fact that of their pockets of attack, and they've got large assurance and successful large form."

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