Canon scrambles as its own printers think ink cartridges are fake due to chip shortage

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As a effect of the ongoing planetary spot shortage, Canon is scrambling to appease a question of furious customers aft its ain ink cartridges are malfunctioning and being work arsenic fake.

A wide outcry has made the rounds connected , arsenic Canon printers are not affirming the legitimacy of Canon ink cartridges portion the Japanese institution works to get the that verify them.

In the meantime, Canon has been forced to explicate to its customers however to bypass and override a integer rights absorption instrumentality that antecedently didn't let customers to usage immoderate different cartridge marque different than Canon.

The German subdivision of Canon Germany issued a nationalist connection connected its website—which was besides emailed to customers—explaining that owed to the deficiency of chips, authoritative Canon ink was being misread successful the printers arsenic counterfeit.

A full of 19 printer models person been affected, prompting the impermanent workaround. Instructions connected Canon's authoritative website outline however and wherefore to disregard warnings that were antecedently successful spot to forbid customers from utilizing non-Canon ink.

A planetary shortage successful semiconductor chips has affected products from video games and computers to adjacent automobiles. The chips are tiny transistors made from silicon, which is recovered successful astir of the minerals connected the earth's surface. They let computers, , appliances vehicles to function.

Messages made by U.S. TODAY to Canon U.S. connected Wednesday greeting were not instantly returned.

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