China nuclear reactor shut down for maintenance after damage

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The reactor is located successful  Taishan successful  China's confederate  Guangdong province, not acold   from Hong Kong The reactor is located successful Taishan successful China's confederate Guangdong province, not acold from Hong Kong.

A reactor astatine a atomic works successful confederate China has been unopen down due to the fact that it is damaged, the relation said Friday, but it insisted determination were nary large information issues.

Chinese authorities past period blamed insignificant rod harm for a build-up of radioactive gases astatine the Taishan works successful Guangdong province, describing it arsenic a "common phenomenon" with nary request for concern.

French atomic steadfast Framatome, which helps run the plant, past period reported a "performance issue" which caused the US authorities to look into the anticipation of a leak.

"After lengthy conversations betwixt French and Chinese method personnel, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant... decided to unopen down Unit 1 for maintenance," China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) said Friday successful an online statement.

The institution added that "a tiny magnitude of substance damage" had occurred.

CGN said some reactors astatine the works person "maintained harmless and unchangeable operations throughout" and that the faulty portion is "completely nether control".

Engineers volition present "find the origin of substance harm and regenerate the damaged fuel", the connection added.

There are much than 60,000 substance rods successful the reactor and the proportionality of damaged rods is "less than 0.01 percent", China's situation ministry and atomic regulator antecedently said.

They called the harm "inevitable" owed to factors including substance manufacturing and transportation.

French vigor elephantine EDF—the bulk proprietor of Framatome—also antecedently blamed the build-up of radioactive gases connected deteriorating coating connected immoderate uranium substance rods.

EDF said it was archetypal informed astir the substance rod occupation successful October, but lone learned astir the state build-up successful mid-June.

Official biology monitoring information shows a flimsy summation successful radiation adjacent Taishan compared with different atomic successful China, but experts accidental this remains wrong the mean scope of biology radiation levels successful Guangdong.

'Permanently monitored'

The shutdown follows the French steadfast stating past week that it would person unopen down a atomic reactor successful France if it suffered problems akin to those reported astatine the Taishan plant.

"Based connected analyses, EDF operating procedures for its French works would person led it to unopen down the reactor to afloat recognize the occupation and halt its development," the institution said successful a statement.

However, they noted that the concern was "not urgent".

The radioactivity levels successful the h2o of the 's superior circuit "remain beneath regulator levels successful spot for Taishan, which are successful enactment with planetary standards", they said.

But based connected earlier information provided by Chinese officials, the deterioration of the structural integrity of immoderate "appears to beryllium continuing, and is being permanently monitored", the steadfast added.

The occupation is the latest stroke to the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) design, which is being utilized to physique powerfulness plants successful France, Britain and Finland that person racked up delays and billions of euros successful outgo overruns.

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