Halo Voice Man Jeff Steitzer Performs Destiny 2 Voice Lines As Shaxx And Lord Salad Fingers (Saladin)

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Jeff Steitzer is every portion of the Halo experience arsenic the euphony and Master Chief himself, truthful erstwhile helium lent his dependable talents to  Destiny 2, minds were blown. Known simply arsenic "Halo Man," Steitzer brings the Halo multiplayer acquisition to beingness successful a mode that astir fans of the franchise treasure. For those that whitethorn not remember, Bungie was the archetypal workplace down Halo earlier it was passed disconnected to 343 Industries, and it is besides the workplace down the existent online crippled Destiny 2. So the crossover into the realm of Guardians? Not arsenic unexpected arsenic 1 mightiness think, but each spot arsenic cool. 

Shared successful my Destiny 2 clan, the video uploaded onto the Baguette, Eiffel's Blade YouTube transmission (what a name) shows Steitzer harnessing his interior Lord Shaxx and Saladin. Shaxx is easy 1 of the most motivating characters successful gaming, I'd situation say. Nothing rather lights a occurrence wrong maine than proceeding his large "YESSSSSSSSSS" proclamation that oozes pridefulness implicit a peculiarly notable determination successful PvP. Lord Saladin is besides tied to PvP with Iron Banner, though I ever jokingly telephone him Lord Salad Fingers of the Iron Banana due to the fact that maturity is vastly overrated. 

So anyway. 

The video astatine the precise apical of the nonfiction shows him quoting immoderate iconic Shaxx and Saladin lines, and arsenic a dedicated Destiny 2 and Halo player, my gaming bosom has ne'er swelled truthful big. The spot comes from a Cameo commission, a tract wherever fans tin wage a definite magnitude of wealth for their favourite "celebrities" to accidental a peculiar message. In this case, it's a blending of 2 abstraction shooter worlds, and it's perfect. Now, if lone we could get him into the actual game...

In different Bungie-related news, we sat down with a lawyer specializing successful gaming IPs to speech much astir the associated suit the Destiny workplace filed alongside Ubisoft to spell aft 1 of the astir notable cheat sellers successful the world. To larn much astir wherefore they are taking the sellers consecutive to court, cheque retired our interrogation here

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