Our First Look At Halo The Series Premiered At The Game Awards

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Two days removed from the motorboat of Halo Infinite, we yet person our archetypal look astatine Halo The Series, the long-awaited Paramount+ adaptation of gaming's favourite Spartan.

While determination aren't immoderate ring-like abstraction mechanisms the games are named for, the archetypal peek astatine Halo The Series gave america plentifulness to beryllium excited about. It features plentifulness of Spartans, interstellar asteroid civilizations, and astir importantly, Master Chief doing a cool, heroic landing and airs successful the sand. 

Dr. Halsey narrates the piece, apt speaking to John-117 astir however she's counting connected him to be special and helium gives radical hope. We get immoderate beauteous shots of quality cities, Chief exploring some stony ruins, and what looks to beryllium a brilliantly-lit alien structure. The Covenant is said to play a ample relation arsenic an antagonist successful the series, though we don't drawback a glimpse of the conjugation of extraterrestrial races rather yet.

Halo The Series is produced successful coordination with Showtime, Amblin Television, and 343 Industries. It stars Pablo Schreiber arsenic Master Chief/John-117,  Natascha McElhone arsenic Dr. Catherine Halsey, Bokeem Woodbine arsenic Soren-066, and Jen Taylor reprising her relation arsenic the AI Cortana. The amusement hits Paramount+ sometime successful 2022.

What did you deliberation of the archetypal substantive trailer for Halo The Series? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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