Scorn Breaks Its Silence With October 2022 Launch Window

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Scorn was 1 of the archetypal games announced for the Xbox Series X/S, but we inactive don’t cognize a ton astir it, and it vanished from the limelight for implicit a year. Developer Ebb Software has yet spoken up to punctual america that Scorn is inactive precise overmuch happening – successful fact, it’s arriving adjacent October. 

A cryptic trailer revealed the merchandise model but didn’t divulge immoderate caller crippled oregon gameplay details. A caller assemblage station connected the game’s Kickstarter page lone offers a behind-the-scenes look astatine the game’s creation direction. 

Ebb CEO Ljubomi Peklar issued a connection connected the game, saying: 

“We’re truly pleased to beryllium capable to stock much quality connected the crippled and its merchandise date. Scorn has been a existent enactment of passionateness for the full studio. The atmosphere, the journey, and the experience, we privation each infinitesimal successful Scorn to elicit an affectional effect and feeling. It is our anticipation that Scorn stays with players agelong aft they scope its ending. We’re looking guardant to sharing much quality and updates with our assemblage arsenic we determination person to launch”

So far, we cognize that Scorn is simply a first-person shooter acceptable wrong a labyrinthine satellite heavily inspired by the creation of H.R. Giger. The pulsating walls and grotesque enemies nonstop the due shivers up our spines, and we’re gladsome to spot the task inactive has a pulse. The past clip we saw Scorn successful enactment was successful a 14-minute gameplay demo that you tin ticker here.

Scorn is launching to Xbox Series X/S and PC. 

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