The best smart speaker 2021: Premium Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri speakers

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(Pocket-lint) - The astute talker abstraction is arsenic competitory arsenic it's ever been. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-powered devices pb the way.

Amazon's stepped its crippled precocious with the Echo Studio and the modular Echo giving singular worth for money. Google besides has its caller Nest Audio, portion Apple's HomePod mini has been a success. 

So if you privation a astute talker with premium sound, let's cheque retired the apical astute speakers to bargain today. 

Our prime of the champion premium astute speaker


Best HomePod alternatives The astute  speakers to rival Apples astute  talker  representation  5

Sonos One


Sonos entered the Alexa-enabled talker marketplace with the fantabulous Sonos One. As you'd expect, it sounds fantastic and looks conscionable arsenic bully too. And it's different connected this database with a terms constituent importantly little than that of the Apple HomePod.

It has the aforesaid plan arsenic the Play:1 but for connected the top, wherever determination is simply a caller power sheet successful spot of the measurement fastener connected the Play:1.

If you privation 1 of the champion sounding speakers around, with multi-room capableness and Alexa built-in, look nary further. For euphony fans seeking a astute talker that delivers fantabulous dependable prime for its size, the One is successful a people of its own.


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Amazon Echo Studio


Amazon's Echo speakers person been getting amended and amended successful dependable prime implicit the past mates of years, but with the brand-new Echo Studio it's taken a existent leap forward.

This is proper, high-fidelity dependable performance, with 3D audio much than conscionable a nickname for an overrated feature. If you brace the Studio with lossless music, you'll perceive conscionable however well-tuned this talker is.

It comes astatine a spot of a price, but inactive undercuts the HomePod by a large margin, and frankly knocks it retired of the park. Added to that, you get the comparative competence of Alexa, compared to the often hamstrung Siri.

With 5 speakers housed wrong the unit, you get balanced dependable from each angles, bass with immoderate existent oomph and an all-round large experience. The Echo Studio volition instrumentality immoderate beating.


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Google Nest Audio


The Nest Audio is simply a replacement for the archetypal Google Home speaker. It's designed to beryllium compact capable to gaffe into immoderate room, but present a bigger acquisition than the popular Nest Mini.  

Google has intelligibly positioned Nest Audio to beryllium a earthy rival to the Amazon Echo. The contention from Amazon is inactive fierce, but successful the Nest Audio, Google present has a talker that tin clasp its own.

Google besides present has a talker that's much appealing than its erstwhile efforts. The Nest Hub is great, the Nest Mini is great, and the Nest Audio plugs that spread - fitting easy into the location to supply music, accusation and dependable power whenever you privation it.


best homepod alternatives the astute  speakers to rival apples astute  talker  photograph  12

Apple HomePod mini


A determination successful the close absorption for Apple's HomePod range. The smaller HomePod sounds large for a talker of this scale. It volition entreaty to galore Apple users, but against Amazon's Echo bid it feels similar it inactive fails to recognize that radical are much than blessed with inexpensive and cheerful erstwhile it comes to kitchen-based listening.

For an affordable talker the HomePod mini sounds fantastic looks large and the microphone acquisition is great. For the Apple idiosyncratic who seldom goes retired of the Apple ecosystem, you'll emotion it.

But for most, the cheaper Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices present a amended experience. 


best homepod alternatives the astute  speakers to rival apples astute  talker  photograph  14

Amazon Echo (4th generation)


The Amazon Echo scope has assorted terms points covered, but the modular Echo is the prime of the scope for astir people, though the supra Echo Studio is the best-sounding. 

This mentation of Echo improves the offering with caller technology, a faster Alexa, and amended sound.

We're not wholly sold connected the caller design, but it does springiness the Echo scope a bully freshen up and makes it adjacent much distinctive. 


Best Homepod Alternatives The Smart Speakers To Rival Apples Smart Speaker representation  6

Sonos Move


Sonos has stepped up its crippled successful the past fewer months, launching caller products left, close and centre. Perhaps its caller jewel successful the crown is the superb Move, a talker that blends the champion of location astute talker setups with afloat portability and booming sound.

The Move has a charging cradle to beryllium connected erstwhile successful everyday, indoor use, but whenever you request to you tin simply assistance it disconnected and instrumentality it distant for up to 10 hours of Bluetooth playback. It's got Alexa and Google Assistant support, and sounds sublime, with automatically adapting dependable profiles based connected its surroundings.

For lone a small much than Apple's HomePod, the Move does a heck of a batch more, and tin bash it connected the go. That's a persuasive package.


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Audio Pro G10


Audio Pro isn't a well-known name, but this is the Swedish company's archetypal talker with Google Assistant. As such, it's a large astute talker retired of the box. Setup is casual and it's elemental to transportation audio to the talker utilizing Chromecast oregon Apple's AirPlay 2 arsenic good arsenic Spotify Connect. 

The Audio Pro's lone disadvantage is its price, due to the fact that it lags down the Sonos One and Echo Studio successful presumption of its dependable portion there's besides a hefty terms premium implicit Audio Pro's ain A10 speaker. That talker is akin yet doesn't person the Google Assistant integration. 


Best Homepod Alternatives The Smart Speakers To Rival Apples Smart Speaker representation  4

Libratone Zipp 2


The Libratone Zipp 2 is simply a fantastic-sounding portable talker with interchangeable jackets, a plan that simply stands retired from the competition.

The carnal size lends good to stomping bass and audio output considering its terms point. 360-degree dependable is fired retired each astir and the wide illustration tin beryllium adjusted utilizing the companion app.

The caller mentation supports Alexa and Google Assistant too, meaning you tin talk to it, whether it beryllium to alteration the euphony that's playing, oregon crook your room lights off. The information it's portable besides means you tin instrumentality Alexa with you wherever you spell with the usage of a bully handle.


Best HomePod alternatives The astute  speakers to rival Apples astute  talker  representation  2

Google Home Max


The Google Home Max isn't precisely a fund enactment fixed its price, and with specified a ample footprint it's a wholly antithetic imaginable to the easy-to-place Home and Home Mini.

It's intelligibly a talker for those who are joined to Google and its ecosystem - who privation Google Assistant, not Amazon Alexa - and request premium sound. That second constituent offers a wide crushed to plump for it alternatively than an Echo device.

But tin Google truly request Sonos-level pricing connected its archetypal large-scale outing? It sounds good, sure, but we deliberation would request to undercut connected the terms beforehand to beryllium a existent rush-out-and-buy-it-now talker - the bully quality is that, a mates of years aft its release, you tin often find the talker for decent discounts.

How to bargain a astute speaker

The scope of disposable astute speakers is present huge. Speakers with screens, with a timepiece built-in, designed to regenerate a hi-fi system, oregon adjacent to spell successful the car. Here’s a usher to what to look retired for truthful you take the cleanable smartie for you.

Which country is it for?

Smart speakers person tons of uses. If you’re pursuing a recipe, past a talker with a surface that tin amusement the ingredients oregon a video of what should beryllium happening is useful. Instructing the talker to “Go to the adjacent page” means you don’t person to interaction the show erstwhile your fingers are covered successful flour and oil. But a bedside talker mightiness request to beryllium tiny capable to acceptable connected a broadside array already weighed down with your phone, bedside speechmaking and array lamp. We’ll travel backmost to chamber speakers successful a minute.

At the aforesaid clip arsenic reasoning wherever it’s going, you request to inquire yourself different question: 

What’s it for?

Perhaps it’s truthful your kids tin inquire who the Prime Minister was successful 1967 to assistance with their homework, successful which lawsuit a small, elemental and inexpensive talker whitethorn suffice. But, if you program to usage a euphony streaming work from Apple, Amazon oregon Google, past you volition privation thing with much audio oomph (see below). If you program to power astute location accessories specified arsenic astute lights, you whitethorn request a abstracted location hub, but immoderate speakers person this built-in, which saves abstraction and a plug socket. If you similar the thought that erstwhile you inquire what the weather’s going to beryllium like, that you could spot a adjuvant animation of sunshine oregon clouds, past a talker with a surface is needed.

Other features besides necessitate a screen. For instance, Google Nest information cameras tin enactment with Google Nest Hub speakers truthful that erstwhile idiosyncratic rings the doorbell, it shows up connected your Hub’s display. 

Do you privation to marque video calls?

If you do, past you’ll request not lone a surface but a camera arsenic well, obviously. Which leads immoderate to interest astir privacy. Could it beryllium hacked and fto idiosyncratic extracurricular the location spot what the camera sees? It’s improbable but not intolerable so, to code this, immoderate talker manufacturers person built-in carnal covers for the camera oregon near a camera out, adjacent erstwhile there’s a screen.

What astir the bedroom?

Privacy present is particularly sensitive, obviously, truthful you’ll privation to take carefully, truthful you don’t accidentally marque a video telephone to idiosyncratic erstwhile you’re not rather dressed. All speakers with cameras and microphones person a power oregon fastener to crook them disconnected - successful Amazon’s lawsuit this physically cuts the powerfulness to the microphone, for instance. Others, arsenic mentioned above, person a slider that physically covers the camera. Manufacturers are present uncovering caller ways to adhd features without reducing privacy. For instance, the latest Google Home Hub tin show your slumber but alternatively of utilizing a camera, it relies connected a radar-like strategy to spot your movements.

How philharmonic bash you privation it to be?

You could take a large hi-fi talker that needs a support to itself oregon a tiny 1 that tin fell successful the country of the kitchen, chamber oregon surviving room. Some petite speakers person mediocre audio playback portion others, similar the recently-released Apple HomePod mini, nutrient a dependable that’s mode bigger than you expect. While the astir basal speakers tin link to hi-fi speakers to amended their sound, if euphony playback is important, you’re amended disconnected choosing 1 with bigger speakers built-in.

Are the microphones important?

And how. If you’re playing backmost music, the microphones request to perceive the aftermath words to respond. The aforesaid applies successful a noisy room. So, amended and much galore microphones tin help. Of course, astute speakers marque mistakes, too, truthful amended microphones tin assistance them beryllium much accurate. I’m reasoning of the times I’ve said thing similar “Hey, seriously” and a HomePod has thought I’d said, “Hey, Siri” and joined successful the speech rather unnecessarily. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published connected 26 January 2018.

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