Update: Slayer, Swat, Fiesta, And Free-For-All Playlists Now Live In Halo Infinite

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Update, 12/14/21:

Slayer present has a dedicated playlist successful Halo Infinite's multiplayer. 

343 Industries announced yesterday that contempt what the workplace antecedently said, a Slayer playlist would beryllium coming to Halo Infinite earlier the year's end. In fact, the squad announced that it would beryllium coming December 14 and that's today. As expected, a Slayer playlist tin present beryllium recovered successful Halo Infinite aft updating to the existent physique of the game. 

A Tactical Slayer (SWAT), Fiesta, and Free-For-All playlist person been added arsenic well. For much accusation astir these playlists, caput to 343 Industries' afloat update breakdown

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Original Story, 12/13/21:

The multiplayer squad down Halo Infinite said adjacent the commencement of December that it’s moving connected adding Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (Swat), and Free-For-All playlists to Halo Infinite earlier the extremity of the year. It besides said that portion it’s moving connected a Slayer playlist, it won’t beryllium acceptable until 2022. 

343 Industries is making each of your vacation wishes travel existent this December because it announced that Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, FFA, and Slayer playlists spell unrecorded tomorrow. This quality comes from Halo Infinite pb multiplayer decorator Andrew Witts, who announced that each 4 caller playlists motorboat tomorrow, December 14. 

“As I noted past week, the team’s archetypal plans for a Slayer playlist included a assortment of caller variants that weren’t going to beryllium acceptable successful clip to deploy earlier the vacation break,” 343 Industries wrote successful a Reddit post linked by Witts connected Twitter. “To code subordinate feedback for Slayer successful the adjacent term, we’ll beryllium releasing a basal Slayer offering to commencement and volition look to bolster and grow with much variants successful a aboriginal update.” 

It seems that 343 Industries has much expansive plans for the Slayer playlist, apt alluding to variants specified arsenic Snipers Only oregon Shotguns and Swords, but for now, it sounds similar Slayer volition inactive beryllium bully ole classical Slayer. Alongside quality of these playlists, the workplace announced that immoderate of the much annoying mode-specific challenges volition beryllium tweaked too. 

“Next week’s update volition besides see adjustments to challenges including removing immoderate peculiarly frustrating mode-specific ones, reducing immoderate requirements for others, making the play eventual situation little intensive (getting determination is pugnacious enough), and adding marque caller challenges circumstantial to the caller playlists,” the Reddit station reads. “Personally, I’m anxious to cheque retired a caller situation class that’s based connected accumulating subordinate people (a tiny archetypal measurement towards ‘performance based’ XP).”

Elsewhere successful the post, 343 Industries says it’s alert of Big Team Battle-related hiccups presently happening successful Halo Infinite. Be definite to cheque retired the afloat Reddit station for much details. 

While waiting for this update to spell live, drawback up connected what to expect successful tomorrow’s Halo Infinite update, past work astir however Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers volition get monthly Halo Infinite multiplayer bonuses (the archetypal 1 is already live). After that, cheque retired our thoughts connected the full bundle successful Game Informer’s Halo Infinite review

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