WATCH: My Pillow Guy Says God Booted Trump From White House so Evil Could Be Revealed

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Americans look to similar Joe Biden much than they liked Donald Trump. First they made him the victor of the 2020 predetermination by much than 7 cardinal votes. And since helium has been successful office, the caller president has regularly had overmuch higher support ratings than his predecessor.

But according to Mike Lindell, it wasn’t the American radical who voted Trump retired of office, it was God himself. And the My Pillow Guy said that the lord did truthful to uncover existent evil to the American people.

The entrepreneur made the comments during a caller quality connected Steve Bannon’s vigor show. He told the host, “It’s each travel to a caput this year, this past year. This is simply a spiritual conflict of epic proportions. When we get done this, adjacent non-believers, there’s going to beryllium truthful galore radical coming to Jesus. This volition beryllium the biggest revival successful past due to the fact that you’re going to spot miracles unfold.”

When asked wherefore God would let this to hap to Trump, Lindell responded, “You’re successful the spiritual conflict of bully and evil and deliberation what’s happened since the election, if we wouldn’t person caught this and each the things happened, each the things we’re going through, you know, it wouldn’t person revealed each the evil. The evil is revealing itself. It’s conscionable amazing. It’s popping up each implicit similar pouch gophers.”

Lindell, astatine this point, is intelligibly a profoundly disturbed man. That is not astir to halt Conservative media hosts similar Steve Bannon from platforming him.

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